Mini Chef Ideas

Cooking with children provides so many value rich opportunities.

Some recipes are more conducive to a child participating. No child wants to be on the sideline of the cooking experience based on the poor selection of a recipe.

Choose a recipe that matches the child’s level of cooking experience and expertise as some recipes lend themselves to a beginner child ‘chef’.

Check out our loads of mini chef recipes to cook with budding chef’s.

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15 September, 2015

Examples of a toddler menu

How much food should a toddler eat in a day? Knowing if your child is eating enough can be very worrying. Children’s appetite can change regularly. Some days they seems […]
9 January, 2012

Salmon Fishcakes

Salmon Fishcakes are a great home made choice for babies. Very healthy meal option and suitable for freezing
9 January, 2012

Apple Crumble

This is a simple and quick apple crumble recipe, not to mention of course delicious. You can add in other fruit to the mix such as pears or rhubarb for a variation too.
9 January, 2012

Jelly Flummery

This is a loved recipe. Very popular for a reason with the kiddies. It is scrumptious and can be altered to taste. Fruit can be added, eaten with custard….the variations are endless or just whisk, set and eat.
8 January, 2012

Cheese and Vegemite Swirls

These are great. You can make them just like in the bakery. Kids will love to help too and then eat their efforts.
8 January, 2012

No-bake chocolate slice

For all the sweet tooth's out there without the hassle of cooking a chocolate slice. This no bake slice is for you. A delicious treat.
8 January, 2012

Chocolate Fudge Slice

Chocolate Fudge Slice is always a family favourite
8 January, 2012

No bake Lemon Coconut Slice

A favourite for young and old. Surely you have tasted or made this yourself at some point. And a simple recipe too. Definitely scrumptious.
8 January, 2012

Banana French toast

A fantastic version to the original French toast. A perfect breakfast for a little one.
6 January, 2012

Example menu 8 month old

ever wondered how much an 8 month old should eat in one day?
6 January, 2012

Example menu 12 month old

ever wondered what a 12 month old should eat in a day?
6 January, 2012

Chef terminology…words kids can learn

teaching kids the talk....they will be able to talk like a Master Chef
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