About SK

SK has been in household living rooms since 2006 supporting, educating and empowering those navigating the early years and sharing the journey. We understand the highs and lows that come with those early years.

SK has evolved over time incorporating not only new additions and upgrades, but whole new sections and categories.

“SK philosophy is advocating for a nurturing, common-sense approach to parenting and the care and education of children through education, empowerment and support”

We offer the tools you may be searching for to assist and support you in developing and nurturing your own ways to promote your children’s growth and development. (This is the main function but our overall goal is to conquer the world in providing the child related info via SK- you can help by spreading the word).

We are jam packed with articles, checklists, videos and tips and tools that are full of practical information to help/ support/advise and much more…we are Seriously useful!

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