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Our Story

SK has been a part of household living rooms since 2006. We have been supporting, educating and empowering parents, nanny’s and educators navigating the early years and sharing the journey. We understand the highs and lows, the challenges and triumphs that come with those early years.

SK has evolved over time incorporating not only new additions and upgrades, but whole new sections and categories.

The SK philosophy is advocating for a nurturing, common-sense approach to parenting and the care and education of children through education, empowerment and support.

We offer the tools you may be searching for to assist and support you in developing and nurturing your own ways to promote your children’s growth and development. (This is the main function but our overall goal is to conquer the world in providing the child related info via SK- you can help by spreading the word!).

We are jam packed with articles, checklists, videos, product reviews, blog and tips and tools that are full of practical information to help/ support/advise …. we are Seriously useful!

Our Team



Renae has spent her career working with in the Early Childhood and Community Services sector with a focus of improving the wellbeing of children and young people, particularly in delivering education services and programs to children and families. With a Bachelor of Teaching, a Diploma of Community Services, a Diploma in Social Services and years of relevant professional experience, Renae brings a lots to the table as SK’s founding CEO.



Jamie’s culinary career started by heading into the kitchen at 14 and has seen him not only work in many countries but also in many establishments and projects ranging from being a private chef to a Lord and a Lady to cooking at the largest UK football stadium to working on some of Australia’s most famous five star resorts.



Richard is the familiar voice you hear on the radio for many years forging a very successful radio presenter career which has seen him win prestigious awards. His exposure and experience within the media industry enables him to lead SK’s marketing strategy and campaigns with a creative approach.



Nicole’s background in digital commerce and marketing has provided her with the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s leading retailers and gain insights into leading digital solutions. Today she runs her own freelance business Global Media Worx and not only maintains SK’s website but ensures we have strategies in place that put SK ahead of others in the industry.

Jamie F


Jamie has over 15 years’ experience of working in the building and construction industry in his own successful business providing a committed service that sees customers satisfied. Jamie is the arm of SK that will facilitate and oversee the future vision of SK giving back to communities through coordinating the collaboration of community projects.


Daniel has worked both within Australia and Internationally on dive boats and within the tourism industry. He has been able to incorporate his love of photography with being a dive master and shares to the SK community for the educational purpose for kids to enjoy and learn. Daniel has a passion for ocean and environmental preservation and education.

What We Do

SK was developed to provide an educational resource for parents, nanny’s and educators through practical information, tools, strategies and resources to support, educate and empower along with sharing the journey of navigating the early years for all.

SK supports the early years (0-8) through education and empowerment applying a strong platform engaging with our viewers as well as key stakeholders within the Early Childhood industry.

We are propelled by the need and want to improve the well-being as well as the educational outcomes for children, whilst supporting the families/educator/nanny in the process.

Our Purpose

  • Provide a network that facilitates and promotes the coming together and accessing information and knowledge to promote the nurturing and support of children and their families during the early years.
  • Share knowledge, experiences and research collectively.
  • Increase opportunities to share and respond to evidence based information.
  • Engage members and viewers to inform, share and discuss emerging early years issues and research.
  • Advocate to the community and decision makers.
  • Work closely with families, educators, nanny’s community groups to ensure that we are well informed and to promote the focus of children’s well-being.
  • Conduct and remain abreast of current research and best practice.
  • Gain and provide insights and perspectives in relation to what is influencing early childhood development.
  • Promote understanding about the importance of the early years through education, information and collaboration with stakeholders and viewers.
  • Invite and encourage guest speakers, practitioners and submissions relevant to the early years to be featured within the SK scope.
  • Link viewers with services and other relevant organisations within their community or online.
  • Bring attention to and raise awareness in relation to the early years and policy changes.
  • Build an online supportive community.

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