28 December, 2017

Review: Sleepy the Sloth

Have you heard about the fantastic series True to life Books? Jan Latte is a professional wildlife photographer and she is so passionate about combining her love of photography with educating children about endangered animals
15 July, 2017

Have you seen or heard about the new game ‘Squawk’?

Squawk is a new game by Crown and Andrews. If you like noisy, interactive games then this game is for you. SK had the opportunity to play this game as […]
5 January, 2016

What better way to start the New Year than with a lovely diary!

Every year I buy the bog standard diary…you know the sort…plain and practical with no real soul. There is nothing wrong with this sort of diary and it has […]
10 November, 2015

Looking for Christmas ideas? What about the new “Googly Eyes” game

Googly Eyes is a refreshing new fun board game by Crown Andrews. The concept is simple and straight forward enough…  yet it is whacky, challenging and laugh out loud […]
4 September, 2015

Herbert Peabody is baacckkk!!

Introducing the second book in the Herbert Peabody series…..Herbert Peabody and the Incredible Beehive. We love Herbert Peabody…. Herbie! This is shaping up to be such a good series….2 […]
8 July, 2015

An awesome interactive, fun, relatable children’s fiction book!

My girls are in LOVE with this book…engrossed from the first page! Harriet Clare: Boys Beware The release date for the book is 1st August 2016…so keep an eye […]
17 June, 2015

Guest blog: How to choose the best app for your kids

There’s no doubt that the Internet is a popular pastime for many of today’s youth. In fact, a report by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) found that […]
1 April, 2014

Guest blog: Don’t let your next family holiday drain your pockets dry

Let’s face it, travel is pretty expensive at the best of times. Throw a couple of kids in the mix and you have a recipe for a broken bank […]
16 March, 2014

Have you too been taken over by the Rainbow Loom craze?

We were provided a Rainbow Loom kit with the purpose of doing a review but it has now become a craze in our house. The girls are constantly busy […]
27 February, 2014

Guest post: Walls everywhere but what about colour?

                   Have you ever noticed that when you get home and the house is messy, it puts a damper on your entire mood? On the contrary, when you get […]
18 February, 2014

Do you know about the new Ergobaby products?

I’m sure you have all heard about, or probably bought some of the many products from Babes in Arms.We just have to tell you about these new products that […]
10 February, 2014

Is it ever ok to smack someone else’s child?

The smacking debate keeps raring its head but let’s go one step further and look into the fact that recently a stranger smacked a child at the shops. Of […]
7 February, 2014

Do you believe in the controlled crying method?

I imagine this new research will reignite the debate about methods such as controlled crying and the pros and cons of leaving a baby to cry it out or […]
2 February, 2014

Tantrums are bound to happen

Every child will have one a dreaded tantrum at some stage in their childhood.  It is inevitable. The way we deal with them that is key. Remember you as an […]
18 January, 2014

Babies ‘fake’ cry to get attention…

True or false? Well, according to new research they do! I’m not one to question new studies/research often but I’m left questioning the validity of this study. Hmm, I’m […]
13 January, 2014

Child euthanasia should it be legal?

Hold on. Before you become outraged at my asking I only ask as Belgium is currently going through this quandary. I thought I would get some others opinions as […]
28 December, 2013

Are you for or against TIME OUT as a behaviour technique?

Do you love or loath the time out method? Well, here is something that if you love it may have you thinking twice or questioning whether it is the […]
1 December, 2013

Guest post: How to Create a Child Safe Play Room

Creating a fun play room for your children is important, but what is even more important is their safety. While there’s no way to guarantee your child won’t get […]
1 December, 2013

Guest post: Benefits of online Shopping for Your Babies’ Clothes

Shopping for baby clothing is a delightful experience, more so because of the anticipation and the excitement that precedes the birth of a child. Babies’ clothes are special and […]
21 November, 2013

Guest blog: Searching for guide to assemble baby’s kit?

It is difficult for parents to predict baby’s nature and mood. Arranging for basic necessities of a baby is quite confusing and stressful as market contains enormous range of […]
6 November, 2013

Guest Blog: Creative ways to get your kids active, and enjoy it

We all know that kids are afraid of the word exercise, in fact, any phrase that implies they have to work is one that sends kids running across the […]
1 October, 2013

Guest post: 10 ways to create a beautiful baby book online

Most every mom desires to have a baby book that captures her child’s everyday moments and major milestones, yet the time and effort it takes to create a handcrafted […]
4 September, 2013

Smacking….should it be outlawed?

Should I dip my toe in this can of worms? It is a well talked about, often heated topic on whether it is ok to smack or not. Experts say […]
14 December, 2012

Men in childcare…a recent launch in the UK to promote and support men in childcare

In the UK recently there was a launch of the London Network for Men in Childcare. What a great initiative. I have only worked with one male in all […]
17 April, 2012


  Broome was originally founded in the late 1800’s and is a very historical town based on pearl farming. There is some restored and preserved history in the town […]
30 January, 2012

School readiness quick checklist……

If your little one is all ‘growm up’ and heading to school (prep, kindy, pre primary, etc) then you may wonder are they quite ready. Your child needs to […]
29 January, 2012

Have you ever considered home schooling as a viable option for your child’s schooling?

Many have and do. In fact it is estimated that around 50,000 children are home schooled illegally. That is that their parents haven’t registered them and since it is […]
28 January, 2012

Huge old red gum tree in Orroro SA

A landmark and attraction of gigantic proportions….. This is the largest, most magnificent red gum I have ever seen and it has statistics which could not be matched elsewhere to […]
28 January, 2012

So we are on the road again…..

And Australia is a BIG country….. We are heading to WA and are currently in SA. There is of course so much to see and do and if we were […]
28 January, 2012

Missing a day time sleep can be worse than a cranky toddler…..

As parents we know the after effects of a toddler missing their sleep but now a recent study has confirmed that it does more than make your little one […]
9 January, 2012

Hair cuts

We as adults may enjoy a trip to the hairdresser but this is not always the case for a child. It is important to bear in mind that for […]
9 January, 2012


Bath time is usually one of two things either a end of the day nicety, or a nightly struggle. Sometimes children run at the mention of a bath and […]
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