Checklists are a great tool for recording a child’s development or cross-checking against a need such as ensuring your hospital bag is complete or the environment is safe. SK has created a variety of checklists to use a guide to support you in tracking within an area of need. Checklists are one element of noting something and often work more effectively in conjunction with other documentational approaches.

With the focus on educating|empowering|supporting we have created our checklists using a strengths-based approach.

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Why use SK checklists

SK checklists have been created as a pathway to offer you clarification.

SK developmental checklists help to document an individual child’s milestones. A child grows and develops through a series of milestones. These milestones are important guidelines used to monitor and measure a child’s development. Checklists are one element that can be utilised to track a child’s development against a general milestone.

If you suspect that a child has a medical condition, or you are otherwise concerned about the health or wellbeing of the child in your care and their development, and feel you need to discuss your concerns then we strongly suggest consulting a physician or professional advice.

Our primary role is to act as facilitators, providing our checklists as a printable resource which incorporates our knowledge and expertise in the checklists.

We offer a range of checklists as support for parents, educators and nannies.


  • Understand the general timeframes
  • Used as a documentational tool
  • Establishing patterns
  • Provide a foundation for information
  • Growth and development milestones


  • Supporting the role of the nanny with families
  • Professional development
  • Understanding child development
  • Safety and childproofing tips
  • Play opportunities and the child developmentally


  • Inclusive practice in early childhood
  • Reflective practice
  • Curriculum development and support to other documentation
  • Assessment and tracking tool
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