Preparing for baby

You are about to have a baby. Congratulations. There is so much preparation for your new arrival.

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things…hope, a dream of possibilities” Eda LaShan

21 September, 2013

Packing your hospital bag

The time is drawing closer for the much anticipated birth of your baby. Very soon there will be a precious new bundle of love in your arms. However, prior […]
21 October, 2012

Choosing a mattress

Where to start and what to look for in a mattress as not all mattresses are the same. When it comes to buying for your baby there is so […]
21 October, 2012

How much bedding to use

Babies are not able to regulate their own temperature therefore it is key for us to know just how much bedding your baby should have on their bed. Getting […]
16 January, 2012

Nappy bags

When a baby comes along so does the mountain of things we need to carry in order to be prepared when we have a baby. When we have a baby […]
16 January, 2012

Prams and buggies

Pram, buggy, push chair. Whatever you call them they can be extremely useful and a good addition. When buying for your new baby there is a endless array of products […]
16 January, 2012


A cot is one of the bigger ticketed items purchased when having a baby. There are many varieties of cots on the market. Cots are the traditional rectangular type. There are […]
16 January, 2012

Portable cots

Hasn’t the range of portable cots increasing over the years? It’s not just the traditional portable cot anymore. There are many portable cots on the market ranging from under […]
16 January, 2012


Dummies are available in two styles either latex of silicone. Latex dummies are more supple and soft but silicone tends to be the more durable of the two types. Whether […]
16 January, 2012

Highchairs and boosters seats

Highchairs, booster chairs and hook on chairs are great aids in feeding your baby. Highchairs are a free standing seat for your child. Booster seats are a little seat […]
16 January, 2012

Jolly jumpers

Jolly jumpers have parents and experts divided. They are not often recommended by child safety experts. If you do use them it is advised not to use for them for […]
11 January, 2012

Being a new parent

Congratulations on becoming a parent. Being a parent can be an overwhelming experience. Not only is it exciting and wondrous, it is also a nerve wracking and exhausting time. […]
9 January, 2012

Minimum standards for baby products

When purchasing nursery products it is important to be aware of the various mandatory safety standards for specific products. The purpose of a mandatory safety standard is to ensure […]
9 January, 2012


We can’t follow a perfect routine all the time nor should we but a routine is good. We all need to accept that on some evenings, the kids will […]
9 January, 2012

The art of top & tailing

Your baby doesn’t have to be bathed everyday or sometimes it’s not applicable to bath your child or there are the times when your energy levels are low. In […]
9 January, 2012

Baby essential everyday items

Sometimes we seem like we almost need a truck to carry all the things home when we are shopping for a new baby. It doesn’t have to be quite […]
9 January, 2012

Buying for the new baby

Buying for a new baby can be daunting with all the products available. Where to start and what to buy? You have just found out your expecting your first […]
6 January, 2012

Foods to avoid in pregnancy

You’re pregnant! Congratulations. You will be busy preparing for baby and going through the pregnancy. There is so much to experience with being pregnant. Some foods are to be […]
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