Professional Nannying Tips

The role of the nanny is part of an ever growing demand. Professionalism, quality care and respect are required qualities of a nanny.

“Without hard work and discipline it is difficult to be a top professional” Jahangir Khan

11 January, 2012

Sourcing your own nanny position

There is no hard and fast rule that says to obtain a nanny position you must go through an agency. You don’t have to go through a nanny agency […]
10 January, 2012

Nanny diary/ communication book

A nanny diary is great as a tool. A diary can show how occupied the child was within the day. It generally allows room for the parents and nanny’s comments and suggestions. Whatever you call […]
10 January, 2012

Interview “red flags”

Whether it is a perfect match on paper there are some families you will instantly feel at home with or feel you would be comfortable or enjoy working for […]
10 January, 2012

Interview tips

You are to have an interview with a prospective employer for a nanny position. What should you expect? You have secured a job interview. Now the panic has started. […]
10 January, 2012

Reference tips

You have been successful at the interview and now they would like to contact you references. What should you know? Providing references is important as it allows the potential […]
10 January, 2012

Nanny interview (& questions examples)

The interview will usually take place in the home setting and most times both parents will be there with their children to see how you interact with them, or […]
10 January, 2012


Your resume should look as professional as possible.This is the first impression that a prospective employer or an agency has of you. The better a resume looks, the more […]
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