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A quick overview about nannying

7 July, 2015

Minimum wage

The 1st July saw a increase in the minimum wage. Pay rates generally change as of the 1st of July each year in line with the financial year. The Fair Work […]
31 July, 2013

Choosing a nanny position

You are about to start a new position as a nanny. How do you determine it is the right position for you? Giving a definitive answer on the right […]
13 July, 2013

Tax, super, insurance & allowances

Your employer must comply with the legal obligations of being an employer unless you, the nanny, uses your ABN at which you are self employed. The employers legal obligations are ensuring you […]
11 January, 2012

Should I use a nanny agency?

When it becomes time to finding the right nannying position there are many avenues available. Families are finding that employing a nanny can be a great option and it is becoming increasingly more […]
10 January, 2012

Live out or live out?

Live in v’s live out depends on you personally and what you are looking for. When there are choices, with any job, there are pro’s and cons as either […]
10 January, 2012

Male nanny

A male nanny, also known as a ‘manny’, is more accepted today than it was, let’s say 10 years ago. Male nannies are gaining popularity, more predominately overseas but gaining popularity nonetheless. The […]
10 January, 2012

Role of a nanny

First and foremost a nanny’s job is to keep the children in your charge safe, well nourished and happy. Past keeping the children in your care safe, happy and […]
10 January, 2012

Wage for a nanny

The level of pay you receive generally depends upon the position, your experience and qualifications as well as the role itself. How many children, the tasks, etc can all […]
10 January, 2012

Deciding on a career as a nanny

Are you thinking of becoming a nanny? Do you delight in the everyday little things of caring for kids? Do you have a passion for care and education of […]
10 January, 2012

Nanny employment contract

When employing a nanny, or a nanny is taking on a new role with a family, it is important to be clear about expectations, conditions, etc to avoid any […]
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