Travelling With Kids

You have found yourself with some wanderlust.

Travelling with kids without all the hassle but with all the enjoyment is possible. Building memories through travel is priceless.

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet” Rachel Wolchin

11 January, 2012

Budget holiday tips

Dreaming of jetting off on a holiday? Who doesn’t love going on a holiday. It is constantly talked about in our household. I’m sure most families would happily pack up […]
11 January, 2012

Budget holidays on a shoestring

  Trying to organise a family holiday can be stressful without having the worry about how to pay for it? Janet McGarry writes for Holidays with Kids all about budget […]
11 January, 2012

Road trip tips

  Long car journeys can be challenging when travelling with kids. The thought of travelling in the car can make some parents break into a sweat. Being confined in […]
11 January, 2012

Kid friendly ski tips

Who dreams of heading off and enjoying a winter getaway? If you haven’t been to the snow with kids before then there can be a multitude of questions swirling […]
11 January, 2012

Easy being green- eco-resorts

Holidays with Kids took a look at the latest trend of eco-resorts. Australian Eco-resorts who are doing their bit to help save the planet. What is Eco-tourism? According to Ecotourism […]
11 January, 2012

A living history lesson- travelling Egypt

A journey through three great ancient civilizations. Exploring Egypt, Greece and the Ottoman Empire. When the Carlson family decided to travel to Egypt, they thought it would be an education […]
11 January, 2012

Car travel with kids

Travelling with kids sometimes involves long journeys in a car. Whilst it is doable it may not always be enjoyable. It can be exhausting, and at times stressful but travelling long distances with kids […]
11 January, 2012

Healthy travel with kids

International family travel is increasing substantially each year with more and more families deciding to take the plunge and travel with their kids and see the world. Exploring new places […]
11 January, 2012

Travelling safely with kids

while it all may seem a bit much....we think it is a good idea to be prepared for all eventualities so like the saying goes
11 January, 2012

Travel insurance

With more and more families travelling overseas travel insurance is a hot topic. The question raised is not only of whether to purchase travel insurance but which is the best travel […]
11 January, 2012

Travelling with kids tips

Families travelling with kids has steadily been increasing. Some families do family holidays while other families have sold up everything and are travelling with their kids indefinitely. Travelling can […]
11 January, 2012

Plane travel (including long haul)

Plane travel can be so exciting for some kids. Plane travel can be scary and unfamiliar for others. Plane travel can be stressful for parents. A family holiday that requires […]
11 January, 2012

Travel checklist: packing guide

Just as you wouldn’t think about leaving home without your shoes don’t leave home without some of the most essential things for a successful, well organised trip. There are so […]
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