Kids In The Kitchen

The thought of kids in the kitchen can have some running for cover and others welcome the shared experience of cooking with kids.

Kids can learn so much through cooking such as mathematics, science, concepts such as time and so much more. It is a great activity if done with supervision and guidance and it is age appropriate.

6 January, 2012

Tips for cooking with kids

Cooking with kids is not only fun but can be a valuable learning experience too. Cooking with kids is not only a great family time or bonding experience but […]
6 January, 2012

Safety when cooking with kids

Cooking can be fun, especially as a child but it is important to instill the basic safety rules in the kitchen to protect and prevent accidents. Children need to […]
6 January, 2012

Knives and cutting

Children learn through watching and doing. Learning about knives and cutting skills when a child is not only a good educational learning experience opportunity but an invaluable life skill. […]
6 January, 2012

Chef terminology…words kids can learn

teaching kids the talk....they will be able to talk like a Master Chef
6 January, 2012

Skills learnt through cooking

Cooking with kids has many benefits and the fun we all have is well worth the mess.Kids can do some 'pre' Chef skills from an early age with appropriate supervision.
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