16 December, 2018

Wave Rock WA

Wave Rock is certainly one that was on our Aussie lap bucket list. It is one of those places that initially you start to question if it is worth […]
29 October, 2018

Guest blog: Is An Au Pair Cheaper Than Childcare?

The cost of childcare is always the subject of debate and whether friends are discussing it over a coffee or politicians are campaigning on television, everyone has an opinion. […]
23 September, 2018

Guest Blog: 5 Best themes for outdoor parties

Do you have a little one with an upcoming birthday? An outdoor birthday party is a great way to let the kids run around without messing up your house. […]
31 August, 2018

Benefits of mud play by Nido Early School

If adults understood more about just how much children benefit from playing in mud, they may treat it with more respect and enthusiasm! Yes, mud is messy but that’s […]
30 August, 2018

School Readiness Workshop by Back on Track Consultancy

As the end of the year approaches it is now the time for families to start the enrollment process if your child is starting school for the first time. […]
19 August, 2018

Karijini National Park

There are few places that literally take your breath away and at the same time quite difficult to explain the beauty in words.  It will not fail to impress […]
19 August, 2018

Karijini Eco Retreat

SK travelled to the world class Karijini National Park and stayed a night at the Karijini Eco Retreat which is the first and only facility within the National Park to […]
29 July, 2018

Rubik’s Cube is back!

What a flashback from my childhood! I remember owning a Rubik’s Cube and the many hours of fun that it provided…and some frustration as I have to admit defeat […]
29 July, 2018

A new life: my re-purpose recycle project

I had this bag I had loved and used for while that I couldn’t bring myself to just get rid of …that didn’t feel quite right so decided rather […]
12 March, 2018

Kids book review: The Flying Optometrist

This book is a little different from other books we get to review. The Flying Optometrist is based on a true story inspired by the authors own father who flies a self built plane and the story that unfolds is about the important role the optometrist plays
28 December, 2017

Review: Sleepy the Sloth

Have you heard about the fantastic series True to life Books? Jan Latte is a professional wildlife photographer and she is so passionate about combining her love of photography with educating children about endangered animals
26 September, 2017

Jonar and Kitty: The Timekeepers Void

We were given the fantastic opportunity to review Jonar & Kitty: A Timekeepers Void. Author and illustrator Bobbie Richardson has crafted an enchanting tale. Reviewing books in this house […]
15 August, 2017


How cool a concept is this! A ball that is portable, lightweight and perfect for travel or limited space. The ball itself when deflated is small enough to fit […]
15 August, 2017

Coffs Harbour

When we arrived at Coffs Harbour I got a old-style feel with a modern splash. Coffs Harbour is a family town with some of the best coastal lines and […]
15 July, 2017

Travel challenge: carry on luggage only

SK is going on a world tour next year travelling with ONLY carry on luggage. Are we crazy? We don’t think so. So why set ourselves the carry on luggage only challenge? […]
15 July, 2017

Have you seen or heard about the new game ‘Squawk’?

Squawk is a new game by Crown and Andrews. If you like noisy, interactive games then this game is for you. SK had the opportunity to play this game as […]
10 July, 2017

Looking for a great new travel game?

A must have travel game are the new interactive games made by Shuffle. We got to unpack the Monopoly Junior. I don’t know about you but in our house we have […]
9 May, 2017

Guest blog: 8 reasons why travelling is good for your health

Traveling is one of the best things that you can do for your health. It helps your physical and mental health, with many travelers saying that it’s also excellent […]
5 January, 2016

What better way to start the New Year than with a lovely diary!

Every year I buy the bog standard diary…you know the sort…plain and practical with no real soul. There is nothing wrong with this sort of diary and it has […]
10 November, 2015

Looking for Christmas ideas? What about the new “Googly Eyes” game

Googly Eyes is a refreshing new fun board game by Crown Andrews. The concept is simple and straight forward enough…  yet it is whacky, challenging and laugh out loud […]
4 September, 2015

Herbert Peabody is baacckkk!!

Introducing the second book in the Herbert Peabody series…..Herbert Peabody and the Incredible Beehive. We love Herbert Peabody…. Herbie! This is shaping up to be such a good series….2 […]
8 July, 2015

An awesome interactive, fun, relatable children’s fiction book!

My girls are in LOVE with this book…engrossed from the first page! Harriet Clare: Boys Beware The release date for the book is 1st August 2016…so keep an eye […]
17 June, 2015

Guest blog: How to choose the best app for your kids

There’s no doubt that the Internet is a popular pastime for many of today’s youth. In fact, a report by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) found that […]
17 February, 2015

Are you a ‘lawnmower’ parent?

Are you a helicopter parent or the new style called a lawnmower? Are you serious you ask another parenting style? Absolutely! I know it sounds crazy right. Is there […]
1 April, 2014

Guest blog: Don’t let your next family holiday drain your pockets dry

Let’s face it, travel is pretty expensive at the best of times. Throw a couple of kids in the mix and you have a recipe for a broken bank […]
16 March, 2014

Have you too been taken over by the Rainbow Loom craze?

We were provided a Rainbow Loom kit with the purpose of doing a review but it has now become a craze in our house. The girls are constantly busy […]
27 February, 2014

Guest post: Walls everywhere but what about colour?

                   Have you ever noticed that when you get home and the house is messy, it puts a damper on your entire mood? On the contrary, when you get […]
18 February, 2014

Do you know about the new Ergobaby products?

I’m sure you have all heard about, or probably bought some of the many products from Babes in Arms.We just have to tell you about these new products that […]
10 February, 2014

Is it ever ok to smack someone else’s child?

The smacking debate keeps raring its head but let’s go one step further and look into the fact that recently a stranger smacked a child at the shops. Of […]
7 February, 2014

Do you believe in the controlled crying method?

I imagine this new research will reignite the debate about methods such as controlled crying and the pros and cons of leaving a baby to cry it out or […]
2 February, 2014

Tantrums are bound to happen

Every child will have one a dreaded tantrum at some stage in their childhood.  It is inevitable. The way we deal with them that is key. Remember you as an […]
18 January, 2014

Babies ‘fake’ cry to get attention…

True or false? Well, according to new research they do! I’m not one to question new studies/research often but I’m left questioning the validity of this study. Hmm, I’m […]
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