19 August, 2018

Karijini National Park

There are few places that literally take your breath away and at the same time quite difficult to explain the beauty in words.  It will not fail to impress […]
19 August, 2018

Karijini Eco Retreat

SK travelled to the world class Karijini National Park and stayed a night at the Karijini Eco Retreat which is the first and only facility within the National Park to […]
15 August, 2017

Coffs Harbour

When we arrived at Coffs Harbour I got a old-style feel with a modern splash. Coffs Harbour is a family town with some of the best coastal lines and […]
15 July, 2017

Travel challenge: carry on luggage only

SK is going on a world tour next year travelling with ONLY carry on luggage. Are we crazy? We don’t think so. So why set ourselves the carry on luggage only challenge? […]
5 September, 2013


  Eidsvold is a tiny little community. The town has a population of around 500 but it also has many farms surrounding it that call Eidsvold their home town. […]
22 November, 2011


Our trek has taken us to some beautiful places but I must admit that I was blown away with the unspoilt beauty of Cooktown. Yes, it’s steeped in history […]
21 November, 2011

Lake Somerset Caravan Park

We went to Lake Somerset Caravan Park… and we went the weekend they were having a family festival that sounded like great fun so we took the opportunity to […]
7 November, 2011

Kuranda Scenic railway

The Kuranda Scenic railway dates back to the late 1800’s. It really is a magnificent piece of history. It was opened in 1891 and has been very well maintained […]
6 November, 2011

Cairns Skyrail

The Skyrail was a long time in the planning. From 1987-94 it was all the background planning before construction even started, which took about a year to construct as […]
27 October, 2011

Planning your trip

Travelling reminds us not to take things for granted, it opens our eyes to others & our own fate, and even misfortunes, and challenges us to be more tolerant […]
24 October, 2011

Our caravan park winner…..Cairns Holiday Park

I cannot rave enough about this park. It does lack a children’s play area I will say that up front so it is not the perfect park….but it is […]
23 October, 2011

Lions Den Hotel- Bloomfield Track

We did the Bloomfield track on the way to Cooktown and it was an awesome experience. It is picturesque, challenging, scenic and slightly nerve racking all rolled into one. […]
14 October, 2011


We were unsure if we would make the trek out to Chillagoe. It was a 3 ½ hr one way trip from Cairns so it was not to be […]
20 September, 2011

Nothing better in life right now…..

So, I have been particularly engrossed in the travel lifestyle and, while I will stop and think I should blog about that or that I want to share that […]
26 August, 2011

Island Gateway Caravan Park

I have to admit we had grand plans of staying at the Big 4 which has all the bells and whistles in Airlie Beach. It is just as you […]
23 August, 2011

Cedar Creek Falls….

We set about to go to Conway beach hearing that it was a really nice beach only a little out of Airlie Beach. Now, I’m not really a complainer……but […]
4 August, 2011

The inital wow factor at Airlie Beach is impressive

The water is amazing and the overall impact when you first drive over the hill heading in is extraordinary……but- you could by the start see there was going to […]
28 July, 2011

Piece of paradise I keep raving about just 50 kms north of Mackay

It is a little odd as it comes under the Mackay council and sometimes it looks like they care and other times it looks like a forgotten part of […]
28 July, 2011

Seaforth/Haliday Bay area

We left Carmilla Beach with the intention to go to near Airlie Beach and possibly stay at Proserpine the night and then head into Airlie Beach. Then we thought […]
27 July, 2011

and so we go on further north…..

This is the Haliday Bay Resort signage! This little piece of paradise I keep raving about just 50 kms north of Mackay is a funny place I must say. […]
25 July, 2011


We stayed at the Woodgate section of the Burrum Head national Park. It was a small site with only 12 camp sites in a round circle basically and it […]
25 July, 2011

In search of dinner in Hervey Bay

The first night we were in Hervey Bay we decided to walk from our caravan park to town for dinner. We had a kinda central caravan park so it […]
25 July, 2011

Take two on dinner in Hervey Bay

Not all our dining experiences in Hervey bay were as bad as the first night….. The next night we went to the Beach House Hotel (344 Esplanade Scarness) and […]
25 July, 2011

It’s the unplanned….

We are doing our trek on more of a day to day basis….not rigidly planning out where we will go and what we will do. This is true holidaying […]
23 July, 2011

In search of the Sunday roast….

When we were in the Yeppoon area we had a hungering for a roast. Ok, it wasn’t on a Sunday it was a Saturday but we would never have […]
23 July, 2011

You know you’re too dependent on technology when…..

We are in this magnificent place which is almost pure bliss….add in a beautiful day with perfect weather and your own little bay type oasis it makes you almost […]
18 July, 2011

logistics of being a dad on a camping holiday

So lets discuss the logistics of being dad and protector and mechanic , pest exterminator, night time toileter, porta -loo cleaner, cook, laundry assistant, kitchen hand, tyre changer, caravan […]
18 July, 2011

Can’t believe we are 4 weeks in….am i mad yet???

So, it is a 1month today going by dates since we left and I bet you are wondering if I have any niggling issues or questions as to the […]
17 July, 2011

Week one budget challenge

Week one: Friday 17th-24th June 2011 Accommodation $322 (7 nights) Food $200 Fuel $ 150 Attractions Ten pin bowling – $45 South Bank – free Putt Putt Golf – […]
17 July, 2011

Rainbow Beach

So far (and I write this blog entry at Yeppoon area) this would have to be our most favourite place and not because it has the most attractions because […]
17 July, 2011

En route through Rockhampton

On the way to Rockhampton we stopped to go to the loo and get a drink at the town of Miriam Vale. It was just one of those in […]
17 July, 2011


We decided to try a little town called Woodgate. Suprisingly though it seemed a lot smaller than I had imagined. We had come straight from Rainbow Beach where the […]
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