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Accessing SK’s Chef provides the opportunity to ask questions and gain feedback from the expertise of a 5 Star chef.

When you contact the SK chef we look at why you have contacted us, how we can offer support and deliver free knowledge and experienced based responses to best suit your enquiry.

With the focus on educating|empowering|supporting we provide a tailored response that addresses your individual needs and requirements using a strengths-based approach.

How we can help you

Having the SK Chef on hand aims to inspire and support you in the kitchen. We provide practical tools, step by step advice, resources and strategies.

Our primary role is to act as facilitators, providing recommendations and sharing our knowledge and expertise. We look at the what, why and how to achieve positive culinary outcomes.

We offer a range of support options for parents, educators and nannies as each has their own needs.


  • Incorporating kids in mealtimes
  • Cooking remedies
  • Meal planning
  • Example menus
  • Establishing routines in the kitchen
  • Recommendations for life skills for kids
  • Tips, tools and advice for time saving, easy and convenience cooking.


  • Supporting the role of the nanny with families
  • Meal planning
  • Development of children
  • Household management
  • Safety and food preparation


  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Inclusive food practices in early childhood
  • Incorporating seed to plate ideas for the ELC environment
  • Linking to curriculum and the EYLF

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Previously asked questions

9 January, 2012

Glossary of cooking terms

You may not be familiar with all the cooking terms and culinary definitions. SK Chef has shared the most common ones so now you too can sound like a […]
9 January, 2012

Cooking conversions

Each recipe may use differing measurements depending on the type of recipe and the origin. It’s always handy to know the most common conversions. Having a recipe and not been […]
9 January, 2012

Essential kitchen tools

The ease and success with which you cook is based upon the equipment and quality of the equipment used. Some pieces of equipment can be priceless in your kitchen for example a two […]
9 January, 2012

Herbs and Spices must haves

Herbs and spices can be a great accompaniment to a recipe. They can also enhance a recipe.We recommend all herbs & spices always be kept in the fridge whether they are fresh or dry.Fresh, if possible
9 January, 2012

Must have ingredients

Don’t be like Old Mother Hubbard who went to the cupboard and find it bare. Keeping certain staple ingredients in the cupboard means you can whip up just about any recipe. […]
9 January, 2012

Home made gravy

Making your own gravy from scratch is not as time consuming as you may think. Make the perfect gravy like a Chef at home. Here are easy steps to […]
9 January, 2012


Aioli is basically garlic flavoured mayonnaise. For a good flavour we recommend your own homemade mayonnaise.
9 January, 2012

Béchamel (white sauce)

Béchamel, otherwise known as white Sauce, is one of the mother French sauces. It can also be used as a base for other sauces.Slowly bring milk to the boil but only until it is just at boiling point.
9 January, 2012

Home made Vinaigrette

Vinaigrette is simple to make and can be taste specific.If you prefer a taste then alter your oil to help achieve your particular taste.The better the oil = the better the dressing.
9 January, 2012

Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback potatoes are not your common baked potato. They turn a dish from dull to simply delicious. You can add in other ingredients to make them more of a meal in themselves such as prosciutto
6 January, 2012

How do I melt chocolate?

When we cook there are quite a few recipes that often require us to melt chocolate. Knowing how to melt chocolate easily and successfully is the key to the […]
6 January, 2012

How to get lumps out of sauce

Having lumps in your sauce is not as bad as you think. You don’t need to throw away your sauce and start again you can rectify lumpy sauce. Getting […]
6 January, 2012

How to cook perfect scrambled eggs

Want a short cut to the perfect scrambled eggs? Our Chef has shared the recipe for perfect scrambled eggs.You can make restaurant standard scrambled eggs with these tips.
6 January, 2012

How to fix sauce that is too thick

You would not be alone if you have made you own sauce and it is too thick. There is a quick and easy solution to rectify without having to throw […]
6 January, 2012

What wine do I serve?

Which wine is best served with which food? Wine pairing is quite a thing! The right wine can not only compliment a meal, it can enhance it. There is […]
6 January, 2012

Is the egg fresh? Quick test

You can’t quite remember when you purchased those eggs. You want to check are they still OK to eat. How do you do it? Easy with these simple ways […]
6 January, 2012

Cooking a lamb or beef roast

For many people a roast lamb or roast beef is part of a traditional family meal.Roast are renowned for their tender sweet flavour.A 1kg leg of lamb or beef will cook in under an hour and will feed 4-6 people.
6 January, 2012

Cooking a chicken roast

While it is easy to buy the ready made roast chicken it is simple to cook your own too.With the big supermarket chains making roast chickens so affordable there has been a decline in the homemade roast chicken.
6 January, 2012

Cooking a roast pork

Who can resist a good roast pork with crackling?You will be surprised just how easy roast pork is to prepare.There are many variations to how to cook a roast pork based on personal taste and perhaps family traditions.
6 January, 2012

Poaching an egg without a poacher

Yes you can cook poached eggs without the traditional poacher. There are actually a few ways to be able to cook a poached egg. There is the traditional method […]
6 January, 2012

Blanching vegies

Vegetables are best eaten as fresh as possible. Blanching vegetables is quite a simple technique. Blanching vegetables enables them to be used in  a variety of serving ways. Blanching […]
6 January, 2012

Cooking the perfect steak

You have chosen your perfect cut of meat. Next is cooking it to perfection. Cooking the steak well will enhance the flavour of the steak. Cooking a good steak takes good method and practice. Meat needs […]
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