Developmental Milestones

The way a child grows and develops poses so many questions and sometimes concerns.

What should we expect? At what ‘age’ should my child be able to….? Is that normal? When do I start to worry? How do I deal with…and on and on it goes. We are able to gauge how a child is developing and their growth through the use of milestones.

What is a milestone?

A milestone is a generalized age specific task/achievement that they can do at what is considered the developmentally appropriate age. Having said that, all children grow so quickly in their first years and whilst a milestone is a good benchmark to what to expect in a timeframe it is important to note that all children will grow and develop at their own pace and that milestones are a broad guide.

Why use milestones?

Milestones are good to have as a base….they can lay the foundation, capture the overall growth and development of a child. It is particularly useful if you have concerns and/or suspect that your child is not progressing as they developmentally should. Then they act as a perfect tool.

Top Tip

A child learns through doing. They master a skill after much practice.

Unless you are seeing ‘delays’ in the general milestone areas for your child over a few month period then it is unlikely you need to worry…..

If you have any concerns note them down and see a professional to check….

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